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Chris Rock Gets Pulled Over Again, Tweets Selfie

And, actor Isaiah Washington has a tip for avoiding racial profiling.

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Earlier this week Chris Rock posted this tweet after being pulled over by cops.

Stopped by the cops again wish me luck.

Rock has been open about his issues with cops and racial profiling and has begun taking selfies every time he's pulled over.

This is the third time in seven weeks.

Yesterday, in response to Rock's tweet, Isaiah Washington gave the comedian a little advice...

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I sold my $90,000.00 Mercedes G500 and bought 3 Prius's, because I got tired of being pulled over by Police. #Adapt @chrisrock


Obviously, Twitter wasn't here for it.

Raven Symone, Common, @IWashington walk into a bar. George Zimmerman walks behind them and @Common offers a hand; What happens next?


Isaiah Washington's tweet shows the power of white supremacy. It will have you thinking that YOU need to change to be treated better.

"I carry around punching bags so the police can have something else to hit besides my face" #adapt -Isaiah Washington

@IWashington @chrisrock How would that stop them from pulling you over? It's their racism that leads them to pull you over not your car

"I agree with Rosa Parks, riding in the back of the bus is terrible. That's why I purchased a bicycle" - Isaiah Washington in 1955

But, Washington wasn't backing down, responding with retweets from defenders and a few replies.

@deray @IWashington. No "blacks" came from Africa here, they were Wolof, Mandinka, Fula, Baga, Susu, Limba, Temne, Mende, Vai, Kissi, Kpelle

@deray @IWashington. Etc. There are no such people as black/negro, brown, red, white & yellow. All European social classes in their caste

@deray @IWashington. What the brother is conveying is that the Misnomer black ties you to nothing but Slavery.

@AFRICANAMERICA1 @SteiveWild @IWashington @CRocBSE @deray He's living it & more than willing to show others the path

@IWashington @chrisrock Chris highlighting a real problem and you joking about it.I think some of you "stars" need a reality intervention!

@TopoftheTopLife @chrisrock ANYONE who knows me. Know that I'm no professional 'joker"...

@IWashington @chrisrock So you were serious when you said #adapt by selling a car he worked for to avoid getting pulled over/killed by cops?

@TheBlackIcarus @chrisrock I'm not Black. I'm a Human Being and I'm walking the Earth that way fam. #sorrynotsorry

.@JChiron18 @chrisrock Another Straw Man Argument expert?

Take A Listen...Neely Fuller Jr...How 2 Survive In A White Supremacist World THIS:

I'm prepared to die for what I believe in, are You? #Truthdom

Anyway, you millennial's critique and misconstrue my message to @chrisrock I'm getting back to my work to help free all y'all. #Truthdom

Washington later mentioned that Don Lemon had reached out and he would be talking to the CNN anchor about the issue.

#BlackTwitter My good brother .@donlemon has just reached out to me personally. I can't wait to talk to my dear brother. #Truthdom

Yes, that Don Lemon.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images
I think the issue is many things. From my experience police are about the business of policing, night and day. I obviously have a slight advantage because I'm a celebrity and during the day I have an advantage because hopefully they will recognize me. But, if they don't, at night, I'm vulnerable like everyone else.

But I will say this, since I got out of my G500 and been driving a Prius for the last four years with windows that are tinted darker than the windows that are tinted in my $90,000 vehicle, um, I have not been pulled over one time.

Watch the full interview and listen to Washington further explain his thoughts on racial profiling.

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