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Blue Ivy's Most Blue Ivy Moments

Today we celebrate the birth of the chosen one.

On this day in history, Jan. 7, 2012, Queen Beyoncé and her husband gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter.

The spitting image of baby Beyoncé.

And just as flawless.

Here she is giving her Aunt Solange her blessing.

Flaunting her flawless curl pattern.

Being cute and wondering why the Easter bunny is in her space.

Just hangin' out in Paris, whatever.

Dressed as Michael Jackson, allowing her mother to be in the picture.

Yelling at her dad because he isn't holding her high enough.

AFP / Getty Images ROBYN BECK

Do you really think Blue's feet ever touch the ground?!

Wearing a cute jacket that all of her friends are probably jealous of.

Brushing up on her dance moves so that she can one day rule the world like her mom.

Wondering why she wore those shoes with that dress.

Trying to cover her face because the glasses Bey got her were too big.

"Mom, do you know what keep your hands to yourself means?"

And here she is wondering who any of you are.


HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, BLUE IVY! You are poised for greatness.