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An Ode To Criss Angel

In honor of the most important magician of our generation.

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On this day in 1967, the powers that be blessed us with Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos.

Better known as Criss Angel.

Short hair with red highlights...

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

Or jet-black tresses.

Getty Images Bruce Bennett

We can't decide which Criss is our fave.

His words of wisdom have guided millions...

Truer words have never been spoken.

A boss says "work." A leader says "lets work."

Criss Angel@CrissAngelFollow

A boss says "work." A leader says "lets work."

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He's shown us how to get away with murder...

Got that exit strategy on lock.

Given us hit...

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After hit...

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But, most importantly, he made us all believe in magic.

Spike /

Like when he ripped this lady in half.

Or when he laid hands on this woman. And that day he disappeared.


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