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22 Gorgeous Women Who Made The Big Chop

Too many big chops, too many TWAs.

Many of your faves have gotten the big chop or rocked a TWA (teeny-weeny afro).

Sure, chopping off all your hair can be terrifying, which is why some ladies choose to transition.

But for those fearless ladies who can’t wait to dive in, here are 22 beautiful women rocking big chops and TWAs. Use them as inspiration, show this to your stylist, and say, “I WANT THAT!”

There are a number of things you'll be able to do with your new 'do:

1. Go to the beach and feel the wind in your TWA.

2. Take lives with your flawless new hair.

3. Dye it any color you want.

4. Be a work of art.

5. Laugh and then think about why you're laughing. Does the world deserve to see you laugh?

6. Wear all white this summer and look better than everybody.

7. Or wear whatever the hell you want and look better than everybody.

8. Stare off into the distance and pretend you don't notice everyone thirstin' after you.

9. Stare at the ground and pretend you're shy when secretly you're just trying to avoid overwhelming people with your beauty.

10. Just ignore everyone because you're perfect.

11. Think about your life and how your beauty affects people.

12. Close your eyes and think about all the lives you've ruined with your beauty.

13. And then decide to keep ruining them.

14. Stare directly into the camera and challenge everyone to get on your level.

15. Give Angelina Jolie's leg a run for its money.

16. Pretend you're just hangin' out but you're actually low-key trying to make sure people still know you look good.

17. Put on your glasses and become the most beautiful person to ever wear glasses.

18. Prove that blondes with big chops have more fun.

19. Stop in the middle of the street and SERVE.

20. Bite your thumb without messing up your lipstick because that's what perfect people do.

21. Ditch fashion week but still have people lined up to take your picture.

22. Lean on the counter until the barista notices you and gives you free drinks because you're perfect.

Note: These are also things you can do with other hairstyles.

Have you already chopped it all off? Share your big chop stories! Share the ups and downs, how it felt, and what you think about it now. Some of the stories will be used in a future post!