21 Times Tom Hiddleston Almost Killed Us

    If looks could kill.

    1. That time he sat on a motorcycle.

    2. That time he looked at us and seemed like he wanted to say something.

    3. That time he was lost in thought.

    4. That time he was between takes on the set of The Avengers.

    5. That time he woke up like this for a good cause.

    #WAKEUPCALL Text SYRIA to 70007 to give £5. http://t.co/Urt3n8y6WE. Nominate @Misskeeleyhawes @EmWatson @josierourke

    6. That time he rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange and he smiled at us.

    7. That time he got an MTV Movie Award and we wished we were that award.

    8. Oh, and that time we wanted to be his Empire award.

    9. When he did this...

    10. And this.

    11. When he pointed into the crowd at Comic Con and made ovaries explode.

    12. When he said he loved Toronto and everyone got jealous.

    Morning all. Having such a wonderful time in Toronto. I love this city.

    13. When he looked really cute while he showed the crowd some cool fan art.

    14. When he made this face.

    15. When he gave Cookie Monster cookies.

    16. When he showed support for gender equality.

    .@EmWatson you are impeccable & extraordinary. I stand with you. I believe in gender equality. #heforshe

    17. When he looked really really serious.

    18. That time he laughed and we wanted to laugh too.

    19. Really, every time he laughs.

    20. When he did whatever this is.

    21. When he looked a little like a Bond villan.

    This has been a Tom Hiddleston post.