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21 Times Sebastian Stan Was Too Damn Hot

STAN-ing for Sebastian Stan, get it?

If you don't know who Sebastian Stan is by now, then let this post guide you.

1. Here he is in 2009 taking a break from filming Gossip Girl with co-star Leighton Meester.

2. Looking cute with a fake baby dinosaur at a charity event.

3. At an American Eagle event in 2009.

4. At Sundance, looking cute in a cute sweater.

5. Killing us at this masquerade ball.

6. That time he wore a gray sweater and we were like, "He looks good in gray."

7. When he was at a fragrance party...

8. And he went outside to smell the fragrance.

9. Being all, "WTF?!" while he's grabbing lunch.

10. When he made us truly fall in love with silver suits.

11. That time he knew everyone was checking him out.

12. Taking pictures with his fans because he cares.

13. Killing us with that adorable smile.

14. When he had his Bucky Barnes hair and still looked beautiful.

15. When someone asked him a question, but he didn't have an answer.

16. When he looked up with those beautiful eyes.

17. That time he played tennis.

18. When he wore all black.

19. That time he really needed to think about things and we all wondered what he was thinking.

20. When he got off a flight and looked cute....

21. Then he took off his bag and went full GQ editorial.

Bless you, Sebastian Stan. Bless you.