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    14 Times Domhnall Gleeson Knew How You Felt

    Happy birthday, Domhnall!

    Domhnall Gleeson is killing it. He's been acting for quite a while but it looks like 2015 is really going to be his year.

    He's received tons of praise for his role in Ex Machina, is set to appear in the upcoming Star Wars flick, and will star alongside Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant.

    Not only is he super talented, but he seems like a genuinely cool guy. Funny, witty, and nice. Totally relatable.

    He also always knows how you feel.

    1. When your friend farts in the car but pretends they didn't.

    2. When you don't want to be in a picture but you're trying to be polite.

    3. When you're lying to your friends about your life.

    4. When your friend doesn't look good in a picture but you lie and say they do.

    5. When someone asks you to do something you don't want to do.

    6. When you've fucking had it.

    7. But five minutes later everything's cool.

    8. When you gotta pee and you know you're not gonna make it to the toilet.

    9. When you spend the entire weekend at home getting wasted...

    10. And try to leave your house.

    11. When you tell everyone you're staying in Friday night but you go out with a different group of friends and they keep taking pictures.

    12. When your SO asks what you like about them...

    13. And the answer isn't good enough.

    14. When your friend talks you into something dumb and you pray you survive.

    Happy birthday, Domhnall!