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    • sydneyr3

      Some of these were blown out out of preportion but others, namely that Chris Brown/Rihanna one was awful, but that’s just becauseIdon’t subscribe to Chris Brown/Rihanna jokes as being funny, becauseIreally don’t find domestic abuse jokes of any kind funny just uncomfortable. Seth MacFarlane is obvious troll humor at its mildest.
      Pretty much everyone has fed into it, he knows people eat his humor from the palm of his hand and he also knows people hate him for how offensive he is and HE REVELS IN BOTH (maybe the later more)
      The people here who told people to “Eatadick”, “Need Sheet Service”, or called others “Crazy Feminist Bitches” (Because wow stereotype much? And since when is itabad thing to beafeminist?) and other obscenities are quite possibly worse than he is. Because they’re being serious with their insults and lack the self awareness necessary to realize they have privilege to not understand how marginalized women are or they themselves are the product of internalized misogyny.
      Seth MacFarlane’satroll (and knows it) and at the same time asshole bait, he trolls the easily offended and baits the actual assholes out of hiding from their seemingly normal/civil shells, now not everyone who finds his works funny is an asshole, just the people who resort to calling people “Crazy Feminist Bitches”, telling them they need to
      “get laid”, telling them to “eat dicks”, using other peoples sexuality or marital status as reason to dismiss and attack others, using ad hominem’s, strawman arguments, trying to be the voice of an entire group, or just beingacantankerous and unpleasant asshole about it are the problem.
      If you just find his work (and Oscar hosting) funny and maybe understand not everyone feels that way, and can even see where and how his works could be considered problematic, then you aren’t the problem.
      Though it is stillashameIthink Family Guy/The Cleveland Show is the most boring thing ever, despite him being pretty self aware of his actions.

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