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    Visiting New York As A Texan Is Weird AF And I Need To Talk About It

    *says y'all on the subway*

    You got super excited when you thought Junior's was a Whataburger.

    You're constantly being honked at for crossing the street.

    You can't get queso anywhere.

    You don't really own a good coat so you just bring three different jackets to layer on.

    The shopping is way better in New York, but you can't buy anything because it's all clothes for cold weather.

    You get jealous because your friends are currently wearing t- shirts and tennis shoes while you're braving the blizzards.

    You miss HEB.

    You haven't heard a please, thank you, good morning, or howdy all week.

    And while most people are enjoying Friday night in SoHo, you'd rather be at the football stadium.

    Honestly, ~Texas forever~!

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