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21 Things To Know About Diane Lusk

Happy birthday to the one. the only. DJ Dijon. you are loved.

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1. It's not that patience isn't her strong suit, it's just that everyone else is always running late.

Diane's time is very valuable. ESPECIALLY if she's driving you to wherever the two of you are going together. Don't be surprised when she goes to sit in the car as it idles until you come down to get in the car. It's nothing to get offended about, but just know time's a ticking.

2. Diane's greatest fear in life is her bright red hair turning strawberry blonde as she gets older.

Let's face it. Diane's defining characteristic is her redhead status. What can we say? We love her for it. But make no mistake-- if you even WHISPER the words strawberry blonde, it's enough to send a chill down her spine. So cross that off of your conversation topics list.

3. Diane LOVES yoga.

No matter the time of day, you can either catch Diane on her way to or on her way back from yoga. She also LIVES in yoga pants (lululemon EXCLUSIVELY, and outdoor voices, an up-and-coming Austin brand if she's feeling edgy). Also, don't be alarmed if she decides to break into a headstand. She's quite the yogi so let her show you her mad skills.

4. Diane's FAVORITE type of music is country music, and one of the most offensive things you can say to her is that country music is terrible.

Diane takes pride in her taste for country music, so, if you ask her about it, be prepared to hear a laundry list of her favorite songs. Her top three choices? My Girl, Fix My Eyes, and From The Ground Up.

5. Diane is a fervent believer in the power of brand identity.

Dust off those marketing textbooks and read over that definition of brand identity! Diane takes pride in her wardrobe, or as she refers to it, her 'collection' (the DLusk collection, trademark pending). Don't EVER make the mistake of making a what she lovingly refers to as an "off-brand" purchase in her presence. Oh, and waitress? Yes, that'll be one water for me. Sparking, not still.

6. One of the worst things you can do in front of Diane? Take her to Forever 21.

Or, as she refers to it, "Fo-Never 21." It's not that she's disappointed in you and disapproves of the clothing quality there, it's just that, well--- nevermind.

7. Diane LOVES Christmas.

When you're walking throughout a department store with her in the month of October, and she scoffs at how early the Christmas decorations are out, don't let her fool you. She secretly loves it and wouldn't hesitate to gloss over the months of October and November to get to what she believes to be the BEST time of the year. (Can we really blame her??) FYI, only 8 more Mondays until Christmas! Can we start decking the halls already???

8. Sleeping in is for the weak.

Diane loves sleep, but make no mistake-- when the day is wasting away, she won't hesitate to DRAG you out of bed. Don't even try to keep your door locked overnight-- she'll show up at 8:00 am sharp, turn music up on her phone as loud as she can, and slide it under your door until you groan, sleepily put your shoes on, and enjoy the day with her.

9. While Diane loves shopping with you, she probably enjoys shopping with her parents even more.

Diane LOVES shopping with her mom (AND her mom's credit card). She lovingly refers to it as "purchasing power", and has more of it when her little sister Jenna doesn't tag along. But can we really blame her? Ladies, we know you can relate.

10. Diane's favorite animal is the Moose.

It's hard to believe, but Diane owns over 25+ plush Moose. Her favorite, however, is Mr. Moose-- she bought him in Idaho the summer before fourth grade. Her little sister, Jenna, bought one too, but Diane bought that one off of her. After all, there can only be one TRUE Mr. Moose.

11. Making breakfast for Diane is a risky venture to say the least.

Diane appreciates the thought, but don't you DARE undercook her eggs. Nothing grosses her out more than egg yolk, so be sure to make those eggs over-hard, not over-easy or even over-medium. She's been known to send undercooked eggs back to the kitchen, so err on the side of caution and make her waffles instead.

12. Diane is a Pope Francis FANGIRL.

Diane LOVES being Catholic, and also loves sharing her faith with others. While she loves the history and tradition the Catholic church is rooted in, one of her FAVORITE parts about being Catholic is Papa Francisco. She live-streamed his arrival when his plane touched down on U.S. soil during his 2016 visit to the United States. Can we blame her? I mean seriously. Who DOESN'T love Pope Francis.

14. While Diane operates on a VERY tight schedule, she will ALWAYS find time to online shop.

A midnight sale announced just minutes ago on New selections in the Lulu "we made too much" section? 40% off your entire purchase at Loft? Diane is well-versed in her online shopping and won't fail to forward you any and all coupons for your favorite stores right when they're released.

15. Diane is an avid reader. Of audiobooks that is.

Diane LOVES audiobooks and doesn't care who knows. If you get into her car, don't be surprised when she starts right where she left off on her audiobook. Can't keep up? Ask for a synopsis, but make sure to be a fast learner-- she won't take time to spell it out.

16. Nothing annoys Diane more than having to buy reusable grocery bags.

Austin, this is unacceptable. Reusable grocery bags?! Absolutely not. Just last week Diane said, "I'll be DARNED if I buy one of these grocery bags" right as she marched out of Target, hands full of her newest purchases. You go, girl. Tell 'em.

17. One of the worst things you can tell Diane is that Whole Foods is better than Central Market.

Do not EVER tell her that Whole Foods > Central Market. Diane takes pride in her Central Market patronage, so don't rain on her parade.

20. Diane can be a very private person, but don't be fooled.

Once you get to know her, she won't hesitate to belt out the lyrics to "My Girl" in front of you, attempt to wall-twerk when you're trying to study, or FaceTime you when she's halfway across the world while studying abroad just to say "Hi." What can we say? We love her for it.


Aka, the most important day of the year. Diane is the most loving and compassionate person you'll ever meet. She will have your back through thick and thin, and will be your biggest cheerleader along the way. HAPPY 21ST DIANE!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3

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