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    16 Recipes For The Most SPOOKtacular Halloween

    Make these fun, Halloween inspired treats for your favorite monsters (young & old)!

    1. Witches' Brew Soup

    2. Brain Dip

    3. Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

    4. Witches' Fingers Spooky Cheese Straws

    5. Monster Toes

    6. Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern's

    7. Bats and Cobwebs

    8. Spooky Calzone Snake

    9. Spooky Joe's

    10. Halloween Pasta

    11. Fruit Fangs

    12. Double Chocolate Peanut Candy Cookies

    13. Brain with Blood Clot Cupcakes

    14. Popcorn Pumpkins

    15. Eyeball Mocktail (For the Little Monsters)

    16. Candy Corn Cocktail (For Mature Monsters Only)