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Stop Bullying.

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Bullies Need To Stop

Bullying has always been a major part in my life, it is very important to me, so I thought why not discuss this topic? There has been a LOT of bullying going on, and something needs to happen. People always see the bullying commercials for Crime Stoppers, or something along that line, that people just roll their eyes and continue doing what they are doing, brushing it off. That needs to change. I know countless people who have problems with a bully, including myself. People think that victims of bullying are, a lot of times, "overreacting". These people, are NOT overreacting. Bullying is serious, it's not just some kid calling you a name in the hallway, it can be way more than that. They had a girl, who is probably one of my best friends, and she is bullied constantly. By bullied, I mean beat up, pushed around, shoved on the ground, made fun of, I think even at one point, locked in the janitorial closet. Bullying is more than name calling. It makes me livid, when people say it's nothing. Because it isn't just something to brush off. Did you know, that about "4,440 lives lost each year" due to suicides by bullying? That is a lot of people who feel the need to kill themselves, or even go as far as considering suicide, because some other douche bag, decided that they weren't good enough. I know what it's like to feel like no one likes you and that you are worthless, I know, bullies suck. They do. Which brings me to my next point. If you ever see someone who is being bullied, stick up for them, help them get over it, tell them it will be okay eventually. Usually the bully is only bullying you, because 1. You're an easy target most likely, 2. They have something going on themselves and it makes them feel better for some odd reason to put down on you, it gives them more self-esteem. To them, seeing you fail, means that they have gotten something accomplished, in their minds they are then better than you because you failed at something. Forget what the bullies say, they are nothing to you. In the grand scheme of things, they will not determine your future, not unless you let them. So don't. Next time someone is being bullied, help them! If you're reading this and you're being bullied or have been bullied, talk to someone! Talk to me! I am always open if anyone needs anything, ever I am here, just ask me. But please , report the bullies, don't let them get to you, it will only make it worse. But I promise, it will be okay in the long run.

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