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Andy Mientus Just Posted An Incredible Speech About Bisexuality Visibility Week

"We now talk about LGBT issues constantly, but how often do we really consider the B in there?"

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Openly bisexual actor Andy Mientus just posted on his Instagram to discuss the stigma around bisexuality and the pressure some people feel to 'just choose one.'

Instagram: @andymientus / Via Instagram

Mientus recently married Tony nominated director Michael Arden, but speaks publicly about how he can still be a happy, bisexual man while also being married to a man.

Instagram: @andymientus / Via Instagram

In his post, he speaks about how he's "definitely felt the pressure to just accept being lumped in as gay," but realizes it's his own shame holding him back from correcting people.

"Correcting them feels super political and unnecessary in the moment," he writes.

He insists that he isn't an activist or a role model, but hopes to use his platform as an actor to help kids who are confused about their sexuality.

Instagram: @andymientus / Via Instagram

"I try to be the best person I can be always, but I am just an actor, not a queer-studies professor," he says. "I will continue to put my foot in my mouth on issues so I won't pretend to know everything."

Mientus speaks openly of his sexuality on social media platforms and in interviews, and has never shied away from speaking out against the idea of picking one or the other- gay or straight.

Me when they ask: So, you're marrying a man. Are you still Bi?

"I'm inviting you this week to think about your own feelings towards bisexuals and ask yourself if there is any lingering doubt or prejudice there," he says. "If you think you could be bi, ask yourself what is holding you back from accepting it- is it your own developing feelings or your fear of society around you? Together, we can end that stigma."

Instagram: @andymientus / Via Instagram
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