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10 Things That Prove That Dads Are The Best

Like we actually needed proof...

1. He can be the ultimate hair stylist...

because he's just that cool.

2. He is always the middleman in sibling stuff...

Guess where She got the epic side eye capabilities.

3. He is always ready to take a spontanious selfie

duck face game on point

4. He is a team player

even when it involves pirate costumes...

5. He is always ready for a quick sword fight...

no matter where

6. He loves spending quality time with his kids

7. And his wife

He always sets a great example of how love should look.

8. He is always the ultimate sportsman

to his kids at least...

9. He always treats his daughters like princesses

10. Both of them!

Love you daddy!

Thank you for raising us right and setting a Godly example!

you're the best!

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