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    15 Times Customers' Logic Pushed Me Beyond My Limits As A Waitress

    Shout out to the man who rubbed coleslaw on his body.

    1. Toilet paper thief

    2. The delicacy that is undercooked fries

    kim kardashian eats a french fry

    3. Let’s throw a tantrum over pop options

    4. Fish and chips...but hold the batter

    5. Beware of flying ketchup bottles

    6. The man who rubbed coleslaw on his body

    cole slaw

    7. Keto diets include pie. Lots of pie.

    8. Make out sessions in the back booth

    9. The lady who told me she could tell I didn’t have kids because of my boobs

    10. Ordered at the wrong restaurant

    11. Buckets of gravy

    12. She ate a napkin, puked everywhere, and refused to clean it up

    13. The 90-year-old who asked a...gross...question

    14. The man that pooped in the parking lot

    An image from Spongebob Squarepants. Patrick the starfish is standing in a door needing to use the bathroom.

    15. And the kid who stood up and peed on the seat