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  • Anti Tank Gun Vs Truck!

    Have you ever wanted to see what an anti tank gun would do to your average pickup truck? This guy takes his truck out to the range and shoots it with a Pak40 anti tank gun. The slow motion is nothing short of epic!

  • Starbucks Exploding Coffee

    With all the #CupGate controversy over the red cups at Starbucks, it’s nice to see someone make light of the situation. Explosive breaching tools isn’t something you see everyday, especially with coffee. The slow motion on this video is absolutely amazing.

  • World’s Most Difficult Trick Shot… Twice In A Row!

    What’s harder than trying to split a bullet on a machete? How about doing it backwards using an iPad to look through the sights and then popping 2 balloons with one shot. What’s harder than that? Doing a bullet splitting shot twice in a row. The guys at RatedRR really never cease to impress. This video showcases some amazing shooting skills accompanied by some equally as impressive slow motion footage of the bullets.

  • How Much C4 Will A Mac Pro Hold?

    Most people enjoy a good review and some cringe at a drop test video. The guys over at RatedRR answer some of the internet’s more challenging questions like “How Much C4 Will a Mac Pro Hold?”. The slow motion on the det cord shape charge is jaw dropping! This should go over well with everyone gearing up for Apple’s WWDC next week.

  • Wingsuits, Rope Swings And Fire

    Who doesn’t like a good wingsuit video? It looks like the guys over at RatedRR had a lot of fun making this one. It incorporates “dead air” jumps from hot air balloons, rope swings attached to the balloon’s crown line and a fly by of the basket by other wingsuit pilots. “Permission to buzz the tower?”

  • How Many Peeps Can A .50 Cal Go Through?

    It’s that time of the year again where Cadbury Easter eggs and Peeps fill the shelves in your local grocery store. Looking at those sugary little festive pieces of happiness have you ever wondered how many a .50 caliber rifle round would go through them? Me either. Richard Ryan over at RatedRR put together this interesting little video with some of the amazing slow motion footage his channel is known for. Definitely worth a watch to get you in the holiday spirit!

  • Hacking Devices To Explode

    This video takes elements of the video game Watch_Dogs from Ubisoft and puts a little RatedRR flare on to it. Hacking Devices to Explode… Slow motion explosions, shock waves and C4. A great way to start your week!

  • Helicopter Vs Car

    The Dillon minigun mounted to this helicopter shoots 3,000 rounds per minute or 50 rounds a second. When you put that amount of fire power out, just about anything doesn’t stand a chance… Let alone a car! The slow motion incorporates several different cameras running at different frame rates. From a couple hundred to over 60,000 frames per second, you can see the helicopter rotors slowly turning while in flight, a flame flickering off of the tracer round in flight and last, but not least, a beautiful explosion that engulfs the car as it’s destroyed by this wall of fire power. Great video to start off the week :)

  • Exploding Christmas Tree

    The guys over at RatedRR always seem to come up with clever ways to blow stuff up, but the slow motion explosion on this “Det Cord Christmas Tree” is just insane. While the concept of framing up a skeleton tree and wrapping it with explosives sounds somewhat simple, after watching the video it’s pretty clear how time consuming it was to make such a cool shot. Most definitely worth the watch.

  • LG G Flex Bends Completely Backwards And Still Works!

    With so much marketing and competition between phone companies, it’s hard to find something that really stands out. LG was swinging for the fences with their new “Self-Healing” phone. The concept sounds more cool than it actually works. This torture test does so many things to the phone, and unbelievably, it actually works after being hyper extended or bent backwards. As a consumer you can actually find a lot of this stuff useful in the review, though I doubt most of you will be looking to see if your phone will hold up to a grazing or direct hit from a bullet.

  • Galaxy Gear Watch SlowMo Torture Test Vs Assault Rifle

    The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch just released and is compatible with the Note 3 as of right now but will be launching support with the S4 with Android’s next update. The watch has been met with mixed reviews but opinions aside, the slow motion torture test in this video is beautiful. The watch seems to hold up nicely to anything short of an assault rifle… Go figure.

  • Xbox One Destructive Drag Race

    Still waiting to find a XBox One? The guys over at RatedRR set up a crazy experiment putting a .50 cal bullet up against detonation cord (an explosive). After some math and pretty impressive setups, we get to see a race to the finish where the winner gets to destroy the XBox One first. There’s so much to this video that makes it awesome… but the slow motion is definitely the biggest pay off for me.

  • Playstation 4 Gets Destroyed By .50 Cal - And Yes There’s Slow Mo!

    The Sony Playstation 4 isn’t even out yet but you can already see one get destroyed by a .50 caliber sniper bullet. The slow motion ripple effect on the console as it tears through and turns it into dust is amazing. According to their Facebook page they were donated the console. Either way console fan boys are going to be having a field day with this one. Love it or hate it… The slow mo is really impressive. It should be entertaining enough while you stand in line tonight and wait to get your console.

  • XBox Vs C4 Filmed At 10 Million Frames Per Second

    The Sony Playstation PS4 comes out this Friday and that begs the question: “What are you going to do with your old console?”. The guys from RatedRR took a bunch of XBox 360 consoles, C4 and det cord and filmed some pretty amazing slow motion shots up to 10 million frames per second. While I probably won’t be disposing of my old console this was very entertaining none the less. The explosion that formed the “X” was pretty impressive.

  • How Many Xbox Consoles Will A .50 Cal Go Through?

    The Sony PS4 comes out next week and the Xbox One the week after that. So it begs the question: What are you going to do with your old console? The guys over at RatedRR grab 12 dead Xbox 360 consoles from their fans and line them up in a row to see how many a 50 caliber round will go through. Combine that with some pretty crazy slow motion up to 100,000 frames per second and the results are pretty surprising! The new Sony Playstation PS4 launches November 15th and the Xbox One November 22.

  • iPad Air torture test in slow motion

    The Apple iPad Air launched on Friday and there’s already tear downs and torture tests out. This test on RatedRR features an airsoft gun shooting up the display after they do a drop test on the dirt, concrete and water. It’s not surprising with the surface area of a tablet that it gets damaged. It’s the extent of which during the first drop that amazed me. The phantom slow motion along with the 50 caliber sniper rifle are also a nice touch.

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