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8 Iconic Movie Shots You (Probably) Recognize From Other Movies

These are the shots that you recognize, but only because they are constantly being copied in other films. Find out that your favorite movie scenes are actually just copied from other movies!

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1. Manhattan(1979) Bridge Shot

Manhattan(1979) / Via

Why it's memorable: The sheer artistic quality captures the sensation of falling in love more so than any other shot.

Where you recognize it from: The shot is virtually replicated in any shot where two people are sitting and admiring an impressive metropolitan monument/landscape. Recently, Amy Schumer's Trainwreck recreated the shot in the exact location, though altering it with a twist that's a tad too much NSFW for this article.

ps. just google it if you're curious

2. Goodfellas Restaurant Scene

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Goodfellas(1990) / Via

Why it's memorable: The shot is hailed as one of the greatest for its long use of the steadicam to simulate an over-the-shoulder experience of moving through a busy set of hallways and rooms in one continuous shot.

Where you probably recognize it from: Swingers(1996), Donnie Darko(2001), Boogie Nights (1997)

3. Samurai Fiction Opening Sequence

Samurai Fiction(1998) / Via

Why it's memorable: The dark silhouettes of the enemies crossing swords juxtaposed against a stark red background makes for one of the most intense battle settings ever.

Where you recognize it from: Kill Bill Vol.1, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

5. Bond Girl Emerging From Water

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Dr. No(1962) / Via

Why it's memorable: Beautiful bikini-clad women emerging from the beach water in a slow and sexually provocative manner, what about this isn't memorable?!

Where you recognize it from: It's a recurring shot in the Bond films including Die Another Day(2002), and a gender-swapped version in Casino Royale(2006)

6. The Phantom Carriage Axe Scene

Left: The Phantom Carriage(1921) Right: The Shining(1980) / Via

Why it's memorable: Well, the original shot comes from a 1921 Swedish film titled The Phantom Carriage that is not very known at all. But, the shots which involve crushing the door down with the axe are virtually identical when compared to the famous scene in Kubrick's The Shining.

7. Vertigo Zoom Shot

Vertigo(1958) / Via

Why it's memorable: The sensation of being overwhelmed by sheer altitude is perhaps best simulated through this dolly -zoom effect.

Where you recognize it from: Various movies have now adopted this technique to create the sensation of overwhelming the senses.

8. The Searchers Doorway Shot

The Searchers(1956) / Via

Why it's memorable: The contrast between the bright beautiful landscape as a backdrop against a semi-dark figure of a person standing through the doorway of an even darker room can't help but put the vastness of the natural surroundings into perspective.

Where you recognize it from: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(2004) , Kill Bill Vol. 2

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