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    Which Kind Of GOTV Warrior Are You?

    There are a lot of ways to participate in our democracy beyond voting. Find out what action you should do before November 6.

    In case your curious...Here are all the ways for you to get involved.

    House Party Host

    Your personality is perfect for infecting people with the voting bug. House parties can be simple wine and cheese events with a GOTV presentation to a blowout dance parties with a DJ telling guests to "Raise your hands like this, if you'll vote November 6!" You get to bring the fun back to voting, so create your house party today!

    Canvass Comrade

    Your natural energy and peak physical condition make you an ideal canvasser. Canvassing is a dynamic experience: one minute you are enjoying the quiet of the outdoors, the next you are in the most intriguing conversation of your life with a stranger. It's also the most effective way to get voters to the polls. You can check with local chapters of your favorite organizations - such as Planned Parenthood Advocates or Working America - for canvassing opportunities.

    Dialed-Up Dialer

    You have a kick back and relax personality. That makes phone banks and texting banks the perfect GOTV event for you. These are a great, easy way to contact hundreds of potential voters and give them the extra push they need to get out to the polls. Often, you are even provided with a script. Sometimes, you don't even have to leave your house. To find phone banks, you can usually Google or Facebook "phone bank" and find several options.

    Powerful Penman

    You have a way with words, so use your superpower for good! Letters to the Editor (LTEs) are a great way to persuade voters and, frankly, scare politicians. You can also write heartfelt GOTV posts on social media or send postcards to friends. If it sounds fun to write in the company of others, you can likely find someone doing a postcard party near you. For writing LTEs, check you local paper's requirements. Be sure to share any posts on multiple channels and in multiple groups!

    Crafty Creator

    You ooze creativity, and, since politics in inundated with wonks, you may be the breath of fresh air that stale GOTV efforts need. Create songs, illustrations, merchandise, cartoons, performances, memes. Invent the next pussy hat! Do whatever strikes you, but have GOTV be your muse. When you're done, share it and tag every activist and organization you know. They'll go crazy for it.


    Money makes the world go round, and with so much money in the pockets of a few very selfish people, it's good to have someone who is concerned for our democracy in a position to give. You get to decide what organization you find effective and what politicians are fit the values and followthrough you want to see in our democracy. Check out your local, state, and national politicians' records and websites and make a donation to their campaign!

    Fantastic Fundraiser

    People trust you, and that's such a rare thing nowadays. If you ask them to give to something you believe in, they will pull through by the hundreds. Today, setting up a fundraiser can be as simple as clicking a button on Facebook. Make sure you put a tight deadline, though, because urgency is key. You can also do a good ole in-person fundraiser. Both options are a great way to inform voters and support your favorite political candidates or organizations.

    Social Media Influencer

    When you make a Facebook or Instagram post, you get dozens of comments and hundreds of likes. It doesn't even matter what it is. You are a natural social media butterfly, and now you are a social media influencer. Use you algorithmic accomplishments to get voters to the polls this election and have some serious conversations with friends who are forfeiting their right to vote. After all, our vote is our voice, and, if it wasn't important, politicians wouldn't work so hard to try to take it away.

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