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8 Things You Can Do In Swintopia — The Best Parts Of Swinburne, But In Pixels

Learning all about your prospective uni, but gamified? Sign us up.

This year, Swinburne is doing Open Day a little differently with the invention of Swintopia — an interactive experience for future students to scope out uni life, via a fully-pixelated campus experience.

1. First up, you can meet and chat with the university's founders.

Animated characters walking around Swintopia featuring grass areas, buildings and little stars

2. You'll also be able to get familiar with the local area, so you'll know exactly where to head IRL for the best $10 schnitty or smashed avo.

3. As well as getting to know the study areas at Swinburne by exploring the buildings where people actually study.

Animated version of a Swinburne building with a quad area in the middle

4. Plus, don't think for a second that you're walking away without an Open Day tote bag!

5. You'll also be able to explore this alternate campus reality with challenges and adventures waiting for you around every corner.

Image of Swintopia with a focus on the animated train and characters walking on a pathway

6. And, most importantly, you'll be able to get the low-down on all the extracurricular clubs you can join.

7. Plus, you'll be able to meet some of Swinburne's amazing ambassadors.

8. And finally, like any great gamified world, you'll be able to find a bunch of easter eggs hidden around a talking pigeon.

Characters in Swintopia walking outside an animated building with quad

At Swintopia, you can get everything you need to get started on your academic journey with Swinburne. Swintopia is available and ready to explore from August 12th, but you can also register to gain early access on the 10th!