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13 Struggles You'll Probably Experience At Exam Time

Your first year of uni isn't all fun and games. Swinburne gets it.

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1. You sit down to study and realise you forgot how to even do exams.

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2. It's 3am the night before, and you still have half the textbook to learn.

3. An hour before, panic sets in. Did you study enough for this?

4. You accidentally walk into the wrong exam room.

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5. You start reading the exam and immediately see at least two things you didn't study for.

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6. You spend a little more time than you should highlighting the important parts of the questions.

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7. You look at the clock and are convinced that time is actually accelerating.

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8. But you're so lost in your essay you don't know how to get out of this mess fast enough.

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And just when you proudly think you're done with time to spare, you turn the page and realise...


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10. You don't care anymore; you just want this to be over.

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11. And then adrenaline and sheer brilliance kicks in and you somehow get it done.

12. You walk out of the exam room and wonder why everybody looks so happy and relaxed.

13. But you made it out alive! It's time to aggressively celebrate.

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Deciding between two multiple-choice questions you're sure are both right? A struggle. At least Swinburne is here to make some of your tough uni decisions easier.