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13 People Share What They Wish They'd Known Before Going To Uni

Student life is the best life. Check out what student life can be like with Swinburne.

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1. Although it's hard, try not to worry about what other people think.

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"Don't stop yourself from joining in on things because you're worried about 'looking cool'. I skipped a lot of events and tours the first month because I thought I wasn't cool enough to join in, and I missed heaps of opportunities to meet people (who'd later become my closest friends) and learn more about the campus and suburb."

—Kristen B.

2. You're now in control of your own budget, so you'll probably need to find ways to control your spending.


"Don't take your card out – just take cash. Seriously. You need to give drunk-you a budget so sober-you doesn't freak out in the morning."

—Natalie C.

3. Joining clubs and societies is an easy way to meet new people. / Via

"Societies and clubs are a great way to make friends with people outside your course. Plus, you all have a shared interest/hobby/sport, which makes it way easier to start conversations with each other."

—Ayesha M.

4. Use your electives wisely and take classes that actually interest you.


"You'll find yourself procrastinating more when doing work for subjects you hate. So use the opportunity to learn something new, even if it's outside your comfort zone."

—Edwin H.

5. Enjoy your freedom...but don't waste it.


"Uni isn't high school – no one's making you do anything. And while many people use this freedom to have fun (which is also definitely part of the experience), this freedom also applies to your studies. You can learn ANYTHING. Take classes that inspire you. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Believe me when I say that never again in life will you be granted the intellectual freedom and respect you will find available in every university classroom. Soak up as much as you can."

—James L.

6. Don't skip O-Week.


"Definitely do orientation week. You'll meet tons of people and get acquainted with the campus."

—Lily A.

7. If you get the chance to study abroad, TAKE IT.

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"It's a rare and amazing opportunity to experience a different culture by living and studying in another country. I don't know anyone who has done it and regretted it."

—Louise K.

8. Don't beat yourself up over every bad grade.

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"I wish I'd known the stress of beating myself up over every credit was ultimately not worth it whatsoever."

—Ben C.

9. If you're planning on moving into a sharehouse, make sure you all agree on some house rules.

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“Some housemates have become lifelong friends, while others I was glad to see the back of. Working out a few house rules before moving in together can help.”

—Cristyn J.

10. Make the most of all the resources available to you.

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"Take advantage of the wealth of university resources available to you, and don't be afraid to fail. Try for big ideas, and learn from your mistakes while you're in a sheltered and supportive environment."

—Ben J.

11. Waking up early on the day your timetables come out is totally worth it.


"Plan your timetable strategically and make sure you get up early to reserve the best class times. You won't regret it."

—Daria W.

12. Don't feel pressure to join a student group just because your friends are doing it.

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"Think about whether or not it's something you really want to do, and then only do it if you really want to."

—Clark M.

13. Remember to invest in your social life, too.


"Treat your free time as you would a class. Absorb all the diverse people, cultures, and knowledge that surround you. Uni is the one time you can experiment and explore what you're passionate about without worrying about the consequences."

—Clark C.

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