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If You're A Mature-Aged Student, You'll 100% Understand These 15 Things

I am NAILING this online uni thing...wait, how do I log in again?

1. First off, you're relieved that you're ACTUALLY studying what YOU want at uni.

2. You've not come into this degree PRAYING things will just work out and that you'll magically land a job.

3. You're pleasantly surprised to learn you actually have your shit together.

4. You have to remind yourself that you can do this — you've birthed children.

5. You still prefer taking your notes by hand because you type with two fingers.

6. You don't understand why you're being messaged by classmates on so many different the same time.

7. You catch yourself wondering if there was a new language introduced when you were in your mid-20's.

8. You don't sweat it too much though, because, you know, academic writing still requires full sentences.

9. You don't even want to hear a youngin' venting about their workload.

10. Because of this, you've given yourself the title QUEEN MULTI-TASKER and you've forced your family to address you as such.

11. Your tutor is fantastic because you both relate to juggling multiple priorities.

12. You actually don't care about ways to fancy up a presentation.

13. You know how to listen to people instead of YELLING OVER THE TOP OF THEM LIKE THIS!

14. Your uni day consists of you jumping from cafes to restaurants to the beachside.

15. And finally, you've got an awesome sense of pride that you're accomplishing something that you've always wanted to do.

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