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13 Reasons Why Studying Online Is The Way Of The Future

You could get your degree while sunning yourself in the Whitsundays — how good is that?!

1. Because you don't have to wake up at a set time to attend a lecture.

2. Because you don't have to worry about being distracted by an unending chorus of chattering and chip-munching.

3. Because it teaches you the art of self discipline.

4. Because you don't have to worry about putting together a stylish ~lewk~ each day.

5. Because it's more cost effective than studying on-campus.

6. Because you get to go at your own pace.

7. Because it's way better for the environment.

8. Because you don't have to short-change your social life — you can plan your degree around it.

9. Because it gives people in remote locations far better access to education.

10. Because it wastes less of your time.

11. Because you don't have to sacrifice a subject you're genuinely interested in, just to be in the same class as a friend.

12. Because you get better access to your tutors.

13. And finally, because you can literally get your degree while commuting on the train, lounging by the pool or in a cosy café.

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