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The 20 Stages Of Exams

Exams. We've all been there. *sigh*

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Realising exams are in a week, you make a plan

But instead...

You attempt to study, but fall asleep

Realising you don't have much time left to study, you panic

You consult your friends about your exam

You study intensely for five minutes

Before getting distracted by your awesome study playlist

You realise all your studying has been ineffective...

So you decide to pull an all-nighter

Realising you may have to admit defeat

You walk into the exam hoping you somehow understand everything

You read the first question...

And realise...

You somehow manage to get the one seat surrounded by people coughing


You leave the multiple choice questions to last, thinking they will be easy. You were wrong!

Walking out of the exam room

Your response to someone who asks how your exam went…

Deep down you are feeling...

Waiting for your results

I passed!

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