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33 Signs You Go To Queen's University, In Kingston.

As told by a 4th year biochemist.

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And eventually, you'll be like unicorns that poop rainbow. Except, instead of passing 7-coloured turds, you bleed tricolour. / Via

That's right. Normal humans have red blood cells. Here at Queen's, we have the additional yellow and blue blood cells. Mutant, and proud.

5. You've seen herds of purple creatures emerge during orientation.

Flickr: hilbert_1958 / Creative Commons

If confronted by one, just smile and compliment their hair. These beings are generally benign in nature, and can be easily lured in by anything purple.

Here, hundreds of purple creatures (aka. engineering students) gather around in mud to retrieve a tiny item at the top of an oily pole.

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The tiny item is actually a tam. And the grease pole is, well, a pole that's greasy. Because it's coated with oil. Legend has it that this grease pole is a metal football goal post stolen by Queen's engineering students in 1955 from the University of Toronto's Varsity Stadium.

Here is a sighting of said ritual.

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9. You've seen this white rectangle frame thing but have no idea what it's for or why it's there.

YDS: Yearbook & Design Services / Via Facebook: ydsqueens

The "Big White Frame" is actually constructed out of steel in 1978 by Canadian artist Peter Kolisnyk and the frame was originally installed at Harbourfront in Toronto. Passersby were able to stop and see Lake Ontario and the surrounding harbour through its frame. Read this if you're curious.

21. You were mildly disappointed that you didn't get to personally witness/participate in these viral trends.

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Like this lip dub.

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And when a bunch of people raised their books to raise your glass.

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And when everyone was Happy and clapped along.

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The Boredom Doctors / Via

Did you catch Principal Woolf's moves?

When Profs read mean USATS and reminded us that everybody hurts...

Studio Q / Via Facebook: studioq.queens

24. Occasionally, the cafeterias dress up all fancy for certain events. That's when you willingly go there to eat because you know they'll serve good food. Maybe.

There was also this one time when a ninja ice cream thief appeared in Ban Righ.

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33. You mumble the lyrics to Oil Thigh and wait for your chance to sing the only phrase you know: Oil thigh na Banrighinn a'Banrighinn gu brath!

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Sing along everybody!

Oil thigh na Banrighinn a'Banrighinn gu brath!

Oil thigh na Banrighinn a'Banrighinn gu brath!

Oil thigh na Banrighinn a'Banrighinn gu brath!

Cha-gheill! Cha-gheill! Cha-gheill!

Queen's College colours we are wearing once again,

Soiled as they are by the battle and the rain,

Yet another victory to wipe away the stain!

So, Gaels, go in and win!

See the full lyrics here.

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The author of this article has now graduated from Queen's, but would like to continue adding new and interesting updates to the list. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message here.

Cha Gheill!

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