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Here's How Clean Canadians Are Keeping Their Homes Right Now

Can you guess which area of the home Canadians overlook the most?

We quizzed the BuzzFeed community on your recent cleaning habits to help identify your inner cleaning personality.

A woman in a blue tracksuit in front of a bright window stepping on a box of Swiffer holding a Swiffer handle.

And we're happy to report that overall, Canada, you're pretty darn clean.

Two women sitting in a kitchen. One is holding a medium-sized white dog in her lap, another one is laying beside one of the girls and a cat is sitting on top of the stove top.

The cleaning personality that most Canadians identified with? The Neat Freak.

A man in a black outfit with black glasses and hat is dusting the top of a piano in a living room.

While only 7% of you identified as a Last-Minute Tidier.

A girl standing by a window in pyjamas holding some dirty clothes in one hand and leaning on a Swiffer in her other hand.

And here's the full breakdown of how Canadians ranked in each of the cleaning personalities.

A large majority of you can see the reflection in your bathroom mirror, and you love the view.

A man in a white robe excited to see his reflection in a bathroom mirror.

You also love to fold your laundry right away.

A woman sitting on a couch in front of a brick wall folding laundry with a laundry basket next to her.

Canada's one dirty secret? You don't dust your baseboards as often as you probably should.

A man holding a dirty Swiffer with a disgusted look on his face.

Oh, and also, you don't really mop that often.

An excited woman standing at the front of a red door with a Swiffer mop.

And that bed of yours? You've told us it's perfect, pristine, and presentable.

A bedroom scene with a bed, a few end tables and a pendant light hanging from the ceiling.

But we can't say the same for your living room TV.

A close up of Swiffer duster that's being used on a shiny piano.

No matter how clean (or dirty) you are, Swiffer has a tool to match your cleaning style – whether you're a Neat Freak, a Procrasti-Cleaner, a Zen Cleaner or a Last-Minute Tidier!

A woman is leaning over a banister backwards Swiffer dusting the wall.