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11 Animals Who Just Want To Help You Clean

Chores are way more fun when you have a furry friend to help. And then to clean up all those lovable paw prints, break out the new Swiffer BISSELL Steamboost.

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1. This housecat who found a pretty sweet spot to nap.


"I'm helping! I'M HELPING!"

2. This pup who doesn't want you to stress about sweeping the floor.


To be fair, it's totally covered in kibble crumbs so it's kinda his responsibility anyway.

3. This tabby who thinks your vacuum could use a quick spit-shine.


Or maybe you just sucked up her top-secret catnip stash. Either/or.

4. This perfectionist pug who thinks you may have missed a spot.


But that may be on him because he's using puppy slobber instead of soap but shh, don't tell anyone.

5. This kitty cat who thinks she's a vacuum.


Follow your dreams, little kitty. Follow your dreams.

6. This frenchie who might be a bit of a clean freak.


When you think about it, picking up litter is like one really big game of fetch.

7. This puffy pooch who may or may not be a mop.


They told him he could be anything. So he became a mop.

8. This tabby who just remembered that it's her turn to do the dishes.


Best. Roommate. Ever.

9. This husky who's had a long day but would be more than happy to clean the kitchen floor for you.


Chasing your tail for literally a hundred hours is exhausting work.

10. This kitten who's more than happy to help you sort your dirty clothes.


"I got it! This too! That too! Why do you have! So many clothes!"

11. And this German Shepherd who offered to take care of your laundry.


Just, you know, don't expect him to separate your colors from your whites.