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Sue Teller, The Original Crafty Hipster

This hilarious low-budget, cable-access craft show starring Sue Teller came out in 2007, supposedly a sly social media campaign by Mountain Dew. She shows you how to emblazon a cat and an anarchy symbol on your ironic orthopedic shoes.

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The "Do Your Own Adventure" series with Sue Teller was posted by Youtube User mmand86's channel. MMand86 claimed to have edited the arts and craft program while working at Charter Comm in 2007, though it's speculated this was a tongue-in-cheek spoof by Mountain Dew.

This video shares Sue woodburning a pair of kicks (the SAS kind your grandma wears), coining her own catchphrases, and taking a random viewer call. All done, mind you, while sipping on a straw from her Mountain Dew.

Here are some highlights....


And don't forget to watch Sue's Mashup Video!

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