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    29 Ways To Makeover A Boxy Men's T-Shirt

    Transform a boring T-shirt into a look you'll want to wear out on the town!

    1. Slashed Peek-a-boo Shirt

    2. Summer Halter with Pockets

    3. No-Sew One Shoulder Shirt

    4. Oversized Cropped Tank

    5. Dolman Sleeve Top

    6. Pipe Vault T-shirt Dress

    7. T-shirt Dress with cinched waist

    8. DIY Workout Shirt

    9. Double T-shirt Dress

    10. Altered Tie Dye Resist Shirt

    11. Fringe Necklace

    12. Strapless No-Sew Striped Shirt

    13. DIY Rocker Shirt with Ribbon Tie Detail

    14. Off-the-Shoulder Tunic Top

    15. Riveted Shirt

    16. No-Sew Halter Top

    17. Altered Chevron No-Sew Shirt

    18. Peplum Top Refashion

    19. No-sew T-shirt skirt

    20. Toggle Bolero


    21. Knotted Scarf

    22. Sequin Collar Shirt


    24. DIY Cut-out Crop Top

    25. Lace & Dye Top

    26. 15-minute Cut-out Top

    27. Wavy T-shirt Scarf

    28. Ruffle Shirt

    29. 5-minute draped vest

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