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28 Ways To Trash Your Wedding Dress

Just say YES to wrecking the dress.

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1. Have a paint fight and get colored from head to toe

2. Squeeze paint your heart out!

3. Find out what it's like to be pretty in pink

4. Engage in a hardcore game of paintball

5. Roll around in the mud

6. Set fire to your dress while wearing it

7. Have a wild ride while waterskiing

8. Visit the pumpkin patch and carve a pumpkin

9. Smash some cake, sprinkle, and toppings all over yourself

10. Go on a zombie hunt

11. Swim in a swamp

12. Take a dunk underwater

13. Shower yourself with sparkle

14. Chill out on the wrong side of the tracks

15. Stand under a waterfall

16. Wear your dress while making snow angels

17. Become a grease monkey

18. Douse your dress in red wine

19. Get locked up at an abandoned penitentiary

20. Roll around in the weeds

21. Gallivant in the streets

22. Unleash your inner fairy in the forest

23. Relax by the seashore

24. Hit the hay

25. Tag yourself

26. Get down on the farm

27. Spend a lazy day at the junkyard

28. Get your carnival on!

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