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    28 Unicorn-Approved Rainbow DIYs

    Rainbow crafts aren't just for kids! From hip ROYGBIV fashions, to vibrant home décor pieces that pop, the color spectrum is making bold, modern-day DIY statements.

    1. Wooden Floor Mat

    2. Zipper Rainbow Pouch

    3. Rainbow Tie Dye Socks

    4. Rainbow Party Decorations

    5. Colorful Spray Painted Folding Chairs

    6. Rainbow-Wrapped Bangle

    7. Rainbow Glitter Shoes

    8. Rainbow wreath

    9. Rainbow paper wall art

    10. Perler Bead Earwires

    11. Rainbow Faux Glass-Stained Windows

    12. Rainbow Tape-Topped Table

    13. Balloon Photo Backdrop

    14. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake DIY

    15. Rainbow Pom Pom Collar Necklace

    16. Rainbow String Art

    17. Canon 7D Camera by PJ Linden

    18. Rainbow Bright Lantern

    19. Rainbow Crocheted Necklace

    20. Rainbow iPhone Case

    21. Rainbow Flower Pot

    22. Rainbow Sewing Spool Mirror

    23. Colorful Yarn Gift Wrap

    24. Rainbow Mosaic Paper Wall

    25. Rainbow Fan



    28. DIY Rainbow Unicorn Poop Cookies