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    27 Ugly Sweater DIYs That Will Make Santa Cry

    Break out the puffy paint and pom poms, cause the holidays are about to get a whole lotta fug!

    1. Oh! Christmas Tree Sweater

    2. Spocking Around The Christmas Tree Sweater

    3. The Sick Reindeer Sweater

    4. This Sweater Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

    5. A Sweater Perfect for Your Baby Bump

    6. Adventures in Ugly Christmas Sweater

    7. Frosty the Snow-Shirt

    8. Rudolph the Ugly Sweater

    9. You Look Like A House Ugly Sweater

    10. Sinister Santa Sweater

    11. An Edible Arrangement Sweater!

    12. An Ugly Sweater That's For The Dogs

    13. Meowy Christmas Sweater

    14. Knitted Ugly Sweater: Tobias Funke Edition

    15. Happy Hanukkah Sweater

    16. Tackier than Texas Christmas Sweaters

    17. Garish Garland Sweater

    18. The "Someone Raided the Holiday Decorations Bin" Sweater

    19. Jingle All the Way Sweater

    20. Chestnuts Roasting By An Ugly Sweater

    21. Snow Globe Sweater

    22. Elves Gone Wild Sweater Vest

    23. A Sweater Only A Cat Lady Could Love

    24. Ho³ UGLY SWEATER

    25. Bow Wow Wow Ugly Sweater Dress

    26. Triple Dog Dare Ugly Sweater

    27. Bear-y Christmas Sweater