27 Neon DIYs That Pack A Punch

Neon colors are back from their ’90s heyday and are bolder and louder than ever.

1. Neon Beaded Necklace

2. Neon Fabric Spray Paint DIY

10. Neon Concrete Planters

12. Neon Ombre Purse

13. Neon String Art Heart

14. Neon Bottle Table Numbers

16. Neon Printable/Foldable Stationary Set

17. Neon Fabric Coil Bowls

18. Neon Strappy Heels

19. Neon Puffy Paint Throw Pillows

20. Neon Hanging Party Favors

21. Neon Bamboo Straw Vase

22. Neon Spray-Painted Dinosaurs

23. Neon Phone Cord Bracelet

26. Neon Bi-Color Dress

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