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    24 Safety Pin Fashion DIYs That Rock

    You don't have to be punk to appreciate these totally pinnable fashions.

    1. Safety Pin X Shirt

    2. Fancy Safety Pin Cuff

    3. Safety pin choker

    4. Safety Pin Pants

    5. Safety Pin Wings

    6. Tom Binn's-Inspired Earrings

    7. Safety Pin Cross Shirt

    8. Safety Pin Bow

    9. DIY Safety Pin Tank Back

    10. Safety pin shoulders

    11. Safety pin heart sweater

    12. Gold Safety Pin Necklace

    13. Safety Pin Fair Isle Sweater

    14. Safety Pin Tank

    15. Safety Pin Brooch Bracelet

    16. Safety Pin Blazer

    17. Safety Pin Collar by Brook and Lyn

    18. Safety Pin Ring

    19. Safety Pin Belt

    20. Simple Safety Pin Bracelets

    21. Safety Pin Dress

    22. Safety Pin Boots

    23. Safety Pin Bracelet

    24. Safety Pin Crown

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