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    Posted on Oct 2, 2013

    24 Awesome Glow DIY Ideas

    Kid tested, Raver approved.

    1. Glowing Slime Necklace

    2. Severed Hand Glow Punch


    3. Glow ornaments

    4. Sci-Fi Senorita Head

    5. Glowing Slime

    6. Glow in the Dark T-shirt Corset

    7. Glowing Jars

    8. Eyeball wreath

    9. Glowing Chalk DIY

    10. Neon Glow Rope Necklace

    11. Ghost

    12. Gown

    13. Glow-in-the-Dork Wall Hanging

    14. Glow Flowers

    View this video on YouTube

    15. Ghost Cupcakes

    16. Eyeball pumpkin

    17. Glow Balloons


    18. Garland

    19. Ring Toss

    20. Glowing drinks

    21. Dowel Rod Skull Canvas

    22. Glow Zombie Flats

    23. Trick or Treat Tote

    24. LED Wall Pens

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