22 Sweet Candy Corn Inspirations

Projects so sweet, they might just rot your teeth!

1. Tie Dye T-shirt

Hey look! Instant costume!

2. Vases

Vase it…these are cool!

3. Candy Corn Amigurumi

Halloween doesn’t get much cuter than this!

4. Shoes

Hopefully these candy corn shoes won’t give you corns! Calling Dr. Scholl’s!

5. Giant Candy Corn

Perfect roadblocks for your Halloween party

6. Garland

This candy corn is well hung.

7. Cupcake Stand

Forget the cupcake stand, just make me the cupcake!

8. Color Block Pillows

After you eat all that sugar, you can crash on these!

9. Topiaries

Now that’s what I call eye candy Volume 31!

10. Painted Pumpkins

Trust me. Your porch will look cuter with these pumpkins on it.

11. Trick-or-Treat Bags

Hey! People hand out unwrapped candy in this day and age?

12. Nails

Nails so sweet, you’ll wanna bite ‘em!

13. Tiered Cake

Who knew candy corn could look so elegant?

14. Decorative Candy Corn Ball

This is what Pinhead would look like if he was on the Candyland board game.

15. Candy Corn Candle

Silly candle…don’t you know your colors should be white, then orange, then yellow?

16. Painted Pot Favor

So corny, they’re cute!

17. Backpack

Keep calm and Candy Corn Carry on. Sorry, that was really terrible.

18. Feather Wreath

Decorate your space with something in yo’ face!

19. Skirt

This skirt made from recycled t-shirts is a real treat!

20. Printable Treat Box

Instant fun…just download, print, and fold!

21. And if you are only interested in crafting up a good time…Candy Corn Jello Shots…

Candy Corn + Booze = a guaranteed good time at your Halloween party!

22. …and a Candy Corn Martini!

Hate candy corn? Add some vodka and you’ll learn to like it!

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