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    21 Awesome "Breaking Bad" Crafts

    The final episodes of Breaking Bad are still a few months out, but you can still get a creative high with these amazing crafts inspired by the series.

    1. 8-bit Perler Bead Art

    2. Breaking Bad Nail Art

    3. Walter White Custom Wooly Willy Game

    4. Jessie and Walt Wood Burned Plaque

    5. Breaking Bad Character Coasters

    6. Breaking Bad Cake Pops

    7. Breaking Bad Crochet Blanket Pattern

    8. BB License Plate Cufflinks

    9. Los Pollos Hermanos Cross stitch logo pattern

    10. Walter White Plushie Dolls

    11. Scroll Saw head cutouts

    12. Mini Mike Sculpture

    13. Charm Bracelet

    14. Bathing Bad Bath Salts

    15. Hand-Painted Heisenburg mug

    16. Saul Printable Papercraft

    17. Breaking Bad Necklace

    18. Amigurumi Crochet Pink Teddy Bear

    19. Breaking Bad Onesie

    20. Cross Stitch This is my Private Domicile

    21. Walter White Painted Chuck Taylors