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    20 Creepy Things You Can Find On Etsy

    Get your freak on with one of these bizarre buys.

    1. Scary Ski Mask

    2. Hand-painted Ceramic Corpse Mug

    3. Blinking Eye Ring

    4. Anatomical Heart Truffle Pops

    5. Maggot Ponytail Holder

    6. Creepy handmade clown art doll

    7. Killer Cantaloupe Art Print

    8. Vintage Dollhead Garland

    9. Creepy Clown Buttons

    10. Intestine Earrings

    11. Dollhead Pin Cushion

    12. Upcycled Vintage Medical Bottle

    13. Hand-painted cat skull

    14. Rubber Fetus

    15. Pink Halloween Zombie Boy

    16. Skeleton Hand Pasties

    17. Doll Head Ornament

    18. Dead Marilyn Print

    19. Creepy Strawberry-Scented Finger Soaps

    20. Real Snake Vertebrae Bracelet