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    17 Crafts That Remind You Of Your Grandma's House

    Crochet. Needlepoint. Cross Stitch. Tole Painting. There wasn't a craft Grandma couldn't do.

    1. Crocheted chevron afghan...

    ...or granny square quilt

    2. Fancy crocheted accessories in the bathroom

    Bonus points if it also came with a crocheted seat cover and matching rug

    3. Tole-painted goose

    4. Bent-over yard figurines

    5. Doilies in all shapes and sizes

    She may have even had this crocheted gem!

    6. Crochet-topped hand towels

    7. Teddy bears wearing clothes with straw hats

    8. Framed cross stitch in the bathroom

    9. Needlepoint coasters

    10. Hand-painted saw blade...

    ...or landscape on an entire hand saw

    11. Hand-painted ceramic figurines

    12. Crocheted air freshener

    13. Decorated Wicker Basket

    14. Something in the house featuring Holly Hobby

    15. Crocheted bedding in the room you stayed in

    16. A handmade photo album with all the trimmings

    17. Crocheted fridge magnets

    ...that hung up your artwork you made for her.