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    13 DIYs To Give Your Wardrobe Some Serious Sparkle

    Bling in the holidays with glitter & glue!

    1. Bling out your boots

    2. DIY your own sparkly elbow patches

    3. Give some sparkle to your pocket

    4. Glitter some skinny belts

    5. Add glitter to your toes

    6. Give your plaid shirt some gold glam!

    7. Crystallize your cuffs

    8. Say it with Sparkle

    9. Make your denim dazzle

    10. Sparkle up your phone

    11. Sprinkle on the sparkle on your chevron

    12. Craft a glitter floppy hat

    13. Go for the gold polka dot shoes

    Go for the Gold Polka Dot Shoes