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    12 Insanely Cool Uses For Puffy Paint

    You might think Puffy Paint is only good for making an ugly Christmas sweatshirt. Think again, my friend. Think again.

    1. Puffy Paint makes amazing art

    2. Make custom jewelry in minutes

    3. It's great for making gripper for you socks so you don't slide all over the place.

    4. It's great for embedding stuff into it

    5. Trace inticate patterns with it for doilies and other décor

    6. Make window clings out of it

    7. Replicate hobnail glass

    8. It's perfect for henna and Morrocan-Inspired Designs

    9. Ice your faux treats with it

    10. Make your own one-of-a-kind wall art

    11. Stamp your heart out with Puffy Paint on bottle lids

    12. And finally, create really cool effects on glassware