12 Insanely Cool Uses For Puffy Paint

You might think Puffy Paint is only good for making an ugly Christmas sweatshirt. Think again, my friend. Think again.

1. Puffy Paint makes amazing art

Artist PJ Linden of Wonderpuss Octopus Ink is a master of Puffy Paint…she has turned everyday objects into gallery-worthy art with the paint including this candy-coated DSLR…

…and this amazing dotted iPad. You know you want it.

2. Make custom jewelry in minutes

Puffy Paint is super flexible, so it will bend to your wrist or neck…

This spider web necklace was created by applying the paint to a piece of wax paper, then peeling it off.

Puffy Paint also makes an awesome faux blood effect.

3. It’s great for making gripper for you socks so you don’t slide all over the place.

Bonus points for personalization!

The sky’s the limit as far as what design you want to do.

4. It’s great for embedding stuff into it

It has the same qualities as glue, so stuff stays stuck inside when you press them in! Cool, custom phone case here you come!

5. Trace inticate patterns with it for doilies and other décor

This ain’t your Grandma’s doily!

6. Make window clings out of it

The 733 blog traced over a coloring book to get this cute design.

Or you can just try freehand designs.

7. Replicate hobnail glass

Get the antique look of milk glass for a LOT less.

Get the look of antique glassware without the price!

8. It’s perfect for henna and Morrocan-Inspired Designs

Alisa Burke took Puffy Paint to the next level with these pretty pumpkins…

…while Creme de La Craft made some sophisticated glassware.

Etsy Seller LITdecor definetly has the magic touch when it comes to this paint. Beyond beautiful!

9. Ice your faux treats with it

Puffy Paint is pretty popular for felt crafts and decoden projects when they want the food to look real!

This cinnamon roll almost looks good enough to eat!

10. Make your own one-of-a-kind wall art

Who knew Puffy Paint could look so high end?

This white tone on tone design looks so elegant!

As you can see, a faux damask look can be created using a stencil. It really pops off the surface!

11. Stamp your heart out with Puffy Paint on bottle lids

The raised surface is perfect for making mini stamps on caps you would normally toss. Genius!

12. And finally, create really cool effects on glassware

Try your hand at personalized raised lettering…

…or by using Puffy Paint as a resist for etching.

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