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10 GIFs That Are Basically You Fighting The Patriarchy

Beat the crap out of the patriarchy, just like Jules and Ophelia on MTV's new series Sweet/Vicious.

1. When some troglodyte with terrible opinions insults your little brother for liking the color pink.

2. That time one too many dudes told you to smile.

3. Literally any time a dude talks over you, then steals your idea in a meeting.

4. And when a dude tries to roofie your friend at a party, that dude ain't going to any more parties.

5. Whenever somebody grabs your ass in public, as if a club is a petting zoo or something.

6. When a dude seems to have absented "no" from his lexicon and won't leave you the hell alone about your number.

7. When a dude tells another dude that refusing to say horrible, objectifying things about women makes him a pussy.

8. When you're envisioning the wage gap in your hype-up fantasies before you ask for a raise, because you deserve that damn money!

9. When a dude explains to you, at great length, something you know already and have told him you know already.

10. Annnnnd when somebody calls you a bitch just for saying no.

Uh, yeah, that was cathartic. Ready for some vigilante justice? Tune in to MTV's new show Sweet/Vicious, premiering Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 10/9c on MTV!

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