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    Updated on Sep 20, 2019. Posted on Sep 20, 2019

    The Best Ever Play Dough Recipes

    I grew up with my hands in a can of play doh. I never outgrew my fondness for the modeling compound of choice either. It took me 40 years to accept I am who I am. My weirdness makes me endearing right? Who I am is a middle aged woman who likes play doh as much as her kids do.

    So here I am, browsing the web for the best of the best in play dough makings. Check these ideas out, dip your hands in, and relive some of the highlights of your youth. Play Doh totally destresses me and chances are, it will do the same for you.

    Almost Instant Play doh

    Tried and True / Via

    Two ingredients are all you need to make this dough. Add coloring if you like and start squishing it together for an almost instant dough!

    Cupcake Dough? Yes Please!

    B Inspired Mama / Via

    Playtime becomes a total sensory experience for kids of all ages with this fragrant and pretty cupcake dough.

    Long Lasting Play Dough

    Pretty Providence / Via

    If you have kids, you probably know you can spend a million dollars on play doh to find it all dried out within days. This long lasting homemade version compares to the real deal!

    Hair Gel Dough; Whoa

    Sweet Silly Sara / Via

    Made with cheap AF hair gel, this play dough recipe is so stinking soft!

    Play Doh Slime?

    DIY Candy / Via

    Turn a can of play doh into a slimy goopy can of fun with this recipe.

    Edible Play Dough

    Mom Dot / Via

    Why just play with it if you can eat it too? So much fun for anyone!

    Have the Whole World in Your Hands


    This earth play dough is awesome for Earth Day or anytime you want to get your play doh on.

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