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    Updated on Dec 21, 2018. Posted on Dec 6, 2018

    Girls Gonna Go Wild For These Gift Ideas

    If you ask my 5 year old about me, she will tell you the only person who gives better gifts than me would be Santa, or maybe Grandma (dammit Janet...) Keep on scrolling and you will see why! These are my favorite picks for girl gifts this year!

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    Glitz and Glam


    My daughter has a pretty interesting room. It looks like Toys R Us came over to die in her domain. So, I felt like the BloChair was the perfect gift for her. Well, this gift is kinda self serving too. Now when I go in her room I have somewhere comfy to sit and cry over the mess of toys that always awaits me in there. This mainstays chair is available at Walmart this holiday season for a festive throwback item for the bedroom and beyond.

    Hypnotized and Mesmerized

    Hammacher Schlemmer / Via

    My kids have been begging for a fish tank. They force me to check the fish out at Meijer everytime we go grocery shopping, but I have had bad luck with fish in the past and can't bring one home to die at my hands. So when I saw this Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium at Hammacher Schlemmer, I knew this was a must have item for my girl. This is such a cool gift. Two synthetic jellyfish dance in the currents while glowing with 18 LED lights. It adds the flair of afishank to her room without the responsibility of real jellyfish. Find this at Hammacher Schlemmer for under $90 this holiday season.

    Bitty Babies by American Girl

    American Girl / Via

    My daughter has been star struck by all things American Girl for years. Everytime we go to Easton Town Center she loses her cool, because it is basically like the motherland for little girls. This year she is ready for her own American Girl and the Bitty Baby is a perfect choice. Retailing at about $60, these baby dolls are so stinkin' cute. Find them in store or online to add a whole lot of happy to her Christmas morning. Naturally you will want to get some cute as a button outfits for her Bitty Baby, which are about $20 each. We love the Merry and Bright Party Dress option.

    A Grand Shopping Experience

    Playsets are always a big hit with my kids. I love encouraging dramatic play so the Calico Critters playset is high on my list of must have toys for the holiday season. This set is big! And it looks like so much fun for the cute little critters that my daughter adores. Find it at major retailers like Target and Walmart for under $100.

    As Cute As a Burrito

    Basic Fun / Via

    Girls love plush animals, girls love burritos, so these fun little Cutetitos are worth wrapping up this Christmas. Cutetitos take burrito naps which could last minutes or a year. Once awoken from their siesta slumber their personalities appear. Unroll to reveal the cutest animals you’ll ever meet. Retailing at about $10 each you can find this toy from Basic Fun at Walmart, Amazon or Target.

    The Doc is In

    Just Play

    I know a few little girls that are all about Doc McStuffins. The

    Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Pet Rescue Mobile gives kids a chance to go to the rescue for all of her favorite toys. The set includes everything needed from sounds to lights, a pretend EKG and a little friend named Oliver too! Retailing at under $40 you can find this fun Doc toy from Just Play at Walmart, Amazon and other major retailers.

    Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

    Just Play / Via

    Vampirina has been making my little girl batty for about a year now, so the Disney Junior Vampirina Rock N’ Jam Touring Van is absolutely going to have her rocking around the Christmas Tree for under $40! I love that it includes figures and accessories. Get it at Walmart,Amazon or Target

    Scooting Around

    Just Play / Via

    Both of my kiddos would sell out for Mickey or Minnie Mouse. They have been seeing these adorable Disney Junior Happy Helpers Sing & Spin Scooter Minnie toys at Target and my daughter is in awe of them. Minnie sings, rides her scooter and does tricks like wheelies with a cute little sidekick, Snowpuff. This is a great option for girls that are really into Disney.It is affordable and easy to find at retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon for about $30.

    A Plush Little Pal

    Skyrocket / Via

    Pomsies are sure to be a huge hit this holiday season because they are so stikin' cute. Pomsies are a collection of lovable, wearable virtual pom pom pets you can take anywhere you go! Each have a long fuzzy tail you can wrap around your wrist, backpack or wherever inspires you. Their eyes light up and change color to express their mood hungry, sneezy, silly, or super happy! I love that the little pomsie pets express emotions and are portable for fun on the run. Retailing at about $15 you can find them at major retailers like Walmart, Amazon and more.

    The Holidays are on Lock

    Hasbro / Via

    My daughter is all about minifigs and blind bags, shopkins and num nums, so when I saw these cute little Lock Stars, I knew she was going to be crazy about these cute little collectibles! This pack contains 24 characters and are really adorable. This mega pack has hidden fun in the lock figurines, and may be a key to unlocking a new collection for girls. Retailing for under $20, this mega pack of Lock Stars is available at most major retailers.

    Nostalgia for Me Fun for Her

    Mattel / Via

    Polly Pocket was all the rage back in my day,so finding these in stores gave me a moment. I knew I needed to introduce this fun little pal to my daughter. These are inexpensive, adorable and bound to bring nostalgia to moms! Find them at retailers that carry Mattel products like Walmart or Amazon for under $20

    Something Hair-dorable

    Hasbro / Via

    For any Trolls fan, this Poppy Doll is a perfect choice for the holidays! A little friend is hiding in Poppy's rainbow hair ready to listen to Poppy sing a hit song from The Beat Goes On. This is a fun option for girls that sings and makes a lot of fun sounds. DreamWorks TROLLS PARTY HAIR POPPY Doll retails for less than $30 at most major retailers like Target or Walmart.

    The Gift of Song


    A child that sings is a happy child. My daughter loves all things musical so this was a natural choice for the holidays. She can put on her own concert complete with light and sound effects. This Kidi Star Karaoke Machine is perfect for kids. They can use the provided songs or connect an mp3 player to sing along to favorite tunes, even recording up to 5 minutes! We are always big fans of Vtech products and this one is no exception! This is a really fun gift idea that retails for under $50 and is available at most major retailers!

    Light Up The Night

    Mattel / Via

    The Lil’ Gleemerz lived in a secret cave in an unexplored forest, until one day, a few adventurous kids discovered them. Now, the Lil’ Gleemerz are lighting up kids’ lives with fun and friendship! Get your gleem on with these interactive toys and their rainbow light-up fur tails, glowing eyes, and quirky sounds and phrases. As your child gives her Lil' Gleemerz attention and love her new friend will glow with happiness for a fun experience for all. Retailing at under $20 these are an adorable gift idea for the holiday! Find them at major retailers like Target or Amazon.

    Cause We All Want a Unicorn for Christmas

    Vtech Kids / Via

    An enchanted colorful adventure awaits your little one with this cheerful Starshine the Bright Lights Unicorn Vtech toy. It includes lights, sounds and charms for a completely whimsical play session for your little unicorn fan. I love that it can be pushed and pulled from adventure to adventure. Starshine the Bright Lights Unicorn retails for under $25 and is available at major retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart.

    Keep Her Secrets Safe

    VTech Kids / Via

    This is such a fun gift idea. I would have loved this Kidisecrets Selfie Journal as a kid. Girls can make a photo journal, write diary entries or record messages and keep them safe. Facial recognition software unlocks the journal only when it recognizes her face. All of her secrets will be safe in here! This great Vtech gift retails at about $60. It is available at major retailers like Amazon, Target and more!

    Driving Around in Her Ice Cream Truck

    VTech Kids / Via

    Little girls will have their wheels spinning for this fun Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Minnie Ice Cream Parlor toy. Minnie can cruise around in her ice cream truck, while your little one practices her sorting skills with the built in shape sorter. This is such a cute playset for kids! It retails for under $30 and will bring scoops of smiles on Christmas morning!

    Learning and Leaping

    Leap Frog / Via LeapStart® 3D Learning System

    This LeapStart 3D Learning System is one of those gifts that keeps giving long after the holidays have passed. With more than 30 books available, this learning system keeps changing to offer variety to foster a love of learning with interactive activities and stories. Retailing at under $50 this is a great gift for early learners. Find it at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target.

    ABC's Anytime

    Leap Frog / Via

    My preschooler loves to practice her abc's and her sight words. This Go-with-Me ABC Backpack is ready to take a love of learning on the go to give kids a chance to learn anytime, anywhere. This is a great way to work on letter recognition and handwriting practice. Kids will love the cheerful presentation, while parents love that everything stores neatly within the backpack! Retailing at under $30 this is a great gift for early learners!

    The Gift of a Unicorn's Head

    Wall Charmers / Via

    I you want to give a non toy gift this year, this is a great option! Almost every girl loves unicorns and adding one to her room will always make her smile. The Mini Luna Unicorn Head from Wall Charmers is totally gorgeous and well made. It would make an awesome gift for a girl of any age.Retailing at under $50 this is one of my favorite options for the holiday season. Find it and so many other Faux Taxidermy options at Wall Charmers.

    The Gift of Art

    Little Passports / Via

    My girl is a crafty little thing. She pretty much grew up on our facebook live show Reality Crafting so painting, cutting and glueing are some of her favorite activities. I know she is going to have a hoot painting her own wind chime kit from Little Passports. This is one of my favorite gift ideas for crafty girls because it is adorable, affordable and gives kids a creative outlet for a snowy winter day. Find this wind chime kit at Little Passports for under $16.

    My Little Pony For Life

    Basic Fun / Via Basic Fun

    I grew up with MLP and my daughter is as crazy about them as I was. I love that Basic Fun has an awesome line of ponies for the holidays this year. The My Little Pony 35th Anniversary Collector Ponies: Unicorn & Pegasus Ponies and Rainbow Ponies are totally retro and perfect for satisfying my nostalgia while passing the torch to my 5 year old so she can fan the flames of adoration like I have for shh... 35 years!

    Surprise x5


    My kiddos are crazy about blind bags and surprise toys! Adding 5 Surprise to their stocking has been a brilliant move because this is a better surprise than a blind bag... it is 5 surprises in one! These are under $5 each and made by Zuru, find them at Walmart, Amazon and Target this Holiday season for surprises that keep coming!

    Sweets for My Sweet

    Via Skyrocket

    It is so exciting when little ones can start cooking with mom. My daughter can't get enough baking time. She calls it our "Making Baking Time". So the Real Cooking Mini Tarts machine from Basic Fun is going to have her squealing with delight this year. This is such a cute little machine that bakes real mini tarts that are perfect for a tea party with her friends! Find it at retailers like Target or Walmart for about $16.

    Riding Free with Spirit

    Just Play / Via

    We are really into the series Spirit on Netflix. My 5 year old is obsessed with horses now that we have discovered this fun cartoon and this holiday season, I can't wait to see her reaction to the The Spirit Riding Free Deluxe Walking Spirit and Lucky dolls. Spirit can walk or gallop which is incredibly fun and truly brings this toy to life! Find this fn toy from Just Play at Amazon, Walmart and Target for under $50

    Cake Pop Cuties


    Cake Pops are yummy, and Cake Pop Cuties are fun! So this is another ideal stocking stuffer for girls! Open up the cake pop to discover a cute collectible friend that is super squishy and sweet! These retail for under $6 at Walmart, Target and Amazon for a popping good time on Christmas morning!

    Retro Is Always In

    Basic Fun

    I have to say, this year it seems all of the stuff that got me excited as a kid is back in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! This year I am introducing a few cute girls to my favorite arcade game with this affordable option from Basic Fun. They have several fun Mini Arcade Games but my favorite is Ms. Pac-Man. Find this at major retailers like Walmart and Amazon for under$20.

    Pomsie Poos for a Sweetie Poo

    Pomsies are fun as we already discussed, but these little Pomsie Poos are perfect for on the go fun, without the light up eyes. These are perfect for wrapping around a wrist for a sweet little friend that can go anywhere your little girl goes! Find them at major retailers like Amazon or Walmart this year for a sweet addition to a stocking or gift! I love these for secret santa exchanges!

    Cute Clothes for Cute Kids / Via

    Give the gift of fashion while giving back this holiday season. These cute as can be jerseys from Mama B. Designs are great for gifting this year because they are simply stylish, can be worn in any season with their Thankful Blessed Logo and every purchase supports the March of Dimes. This gift will cost you under $20 and can be found at the Mama B. Designs

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