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    Gifts For Chicks

    Let me tell you what she wants, what she really really wants, for Christmas this year. Instead of spending all day at the mall and coming home with a headache, check out what you will find under my tree this year for all the special women in my life. Mom, stop reading this now so you can be surprised!

    You can scope out all of my gift guides, which like this one, include items sent by partners to inspire my gift guide fun at my lifestyle site Sweet Silly Sara

    When Coffee is Life / Via

    Give her a gift that will keep her going! This Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker is perfect for any girl who loves a cup of joe. She can make a better than any cafe cold brew anywhere she goes with this awesome option from Grommet. Retailing at under $50 you can get this cold brew system from the company website.

    Sparkle Anytime

    Soda Stream / Via

    Fizzy water makes me feel fancy, and it is healthier than soda. This year I think SodaStream Fizzi One Touch makes for an awesome gift. It will help her reduce her plastic consumption while indulging at any time. With flavors like grapefruit, raspberry and lemon, to name a few, this is an awesome gift idea for the holidays. Find it at retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Walmart for under $130.

    Wine Now, Wine Later / Via

    A Savino Wine Saving Carafe is a must have for a wine enthusiast. They can pop open a bottle, enjoy a few glasses and store it for upto a week without pumps, gases or corks.The Savino Wine Saving Carafe is available in both a plastic for outdoor use and glass options. Retailing at under $50 for the glass carafe, this is a great gift for wonderful wine loving women in my life. Find it at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond or on Amazon.

    Frying Up Something Good

    The Diamotech frying pan is a great gift for any home chef, or Mom. I love that this skillet is durable, resistant to scratches and can go from stove to oven. I also love that it is under $20 and can be found at Walmart, or even CVS for a last minute gift on your way to the party. Hey it happens, and this is one of my go to last minute gifts for women!

    The Gift of Peace of Mind


    Have you ever needed a jump start and found yourself alone, essentially stranded? Talk about a bummer.

    This handy Jumpsmart device is perfect for a woman on the go as she can come to her own rescue with ease when her car won't start. Recharge the device up to 1000 times, and charge it at home OR in the car. Retailing at under $160, this is a must have item in my opinion because dead batteries happen to all of us. Find it at retailers like Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond and more.

    Bubbly Drinks Anytime


    The DrinkMate Countertop makes carbonated beverages anytime. It is available in metallic red, black and white to match her kitchen and give her freshly made sparkling water, soda and more. Retailing at under $100 this is one of my favorite gifts to give this year for my soda sippin sistas. Find it at select retailers like Amazon an Bed,Bath and Beyond this holiday season.

    Cents-able Style


    I love Thirty One Gifts for my house, my accessories and all of giting. Selecting this Perfect Cents Wallet was easy, selecting the print was hard, because they are all so pretty. I went with Stitched Medallion to add a lot of color to her look while giving her ample storage for credit and debit cards, cash and more. This retails for about $28 and is available from Thirty One Consultants. It is a good excuse to shop from a friends small business while crossing an item off your list.

    Switching Things Up


    So, you already know I like me some Thirty One. I like gifting it as much as I like getting it. I gifted a great purse from Thirty One earlier in the year (The Studio Thirty One Classic) and I love that you can switch up the flap to keep giving a great shoulder bag a new look. Under my tree this year, and every year in the future, you will find a Studio Thirty One Flap. For $18 you can give the gift of easy to change style. Find a Thirty One rep and order a few of these flaps and a bag for always evolving style.

    Always About the Benjamins


    Thirty One Gifts, again, always a favorite of mine! My mom, who better not be reading, I already told her to stop, at the beginning, remember, complained to me about her ratty old wallet a few weeks ago. I carry the All About the Benjamins in Charcoal Pebble and LOVE it. I knew she would too, so I got her one too. We can be all like twinsies with matching wallets for the win. Retailing at $48 this is spacious, super stylish and made to last. I have carried mine for like 2 years and it still looks awesome. Get it from a Thirty One consultant for a practical gift any woman will adore.

    Wrapped In a Warm Hug / Via

    The ladies I know are fierce; they work, play and love hard. Muscle aches and pains sometimes happen, so the Moji Heated Neck Wrap is a great gift. It has no cords or batteries and can wrap around her neck to soothe her aches and pains with a warm hug. Find it on the Go Moji site or at Dick's for under $80.

    Monitor Her Heart


    I am crazy about my fitbit Alta. I know there are newer models with more bells and whistles, but the Alta is just right for me. If a special lady in your life wants to be more active and monitor her heart rate and sleep cycles, among other things, the Fitbit Alta HR makes for a great gift idea. You can find them at Hammacher Schlemmer, which is one of my favorite places to shop because they have over 170 years experience in customer service and finding the coolest products for your life! The Fitbit Alta HR retails for about $150.

    Her Darkest Desires

    Sara Lehman / Via

    We all know that women and chocolate go together like pb&j. The Truffle Trio from Harry and David is always on my wish list, and I bet it will be on her wish list too. Three trays in truffles in so many divine flavors like coffee, dark chocolate and almond to name a few that she is going to dive into decadence when she opens this thoughtful gift. I love truffles, and try them all. Let me tell you, these are some of the best. Nom Nom .Get them at Harry & David for under $50.

    A Succulent Holiday


    Is there anything prettier than a Christmas Tree? Maybe only one thing, a display of succulents in the shape of a tree. This easy to care for collection of plants is perfect for gifting and displaying this holiday season. Available from 1800Flowers, this tasteful gift idea retails for under $90.

    Sweet Slumber

    In the last few years, weighted blankets have been on my radar, recently I got to try one out and I really slept better, felt a reduction in my anxiety and simply enjoyed the whole experience. I am hooked. This year, I have the best gift idea, Boyfriend Blanket by Rocabi. This is perfect for your gal pals that are in long distance relationships because it simulates an all night long hug which helps reduce feelings of loneliness. It is also the perfect blanket for anyone that could use a big hug or a good night's rest. This blanket is on kickstarter at an early bird pricing of $99.

    Fashion for a Cause / Via

    Leggings are the uniform of my mom life. I love 'em so much I think that everyone should have a pair in their wardrobe. This year, you can give the gift of comfy with a cute outfit for a cause. Every purchase of the Tree of Life Leggings and T-shirt set benefits the March of Dimes while giving a friend or relative something super comfy to chill in. Find this fashionable outfit for a cause online at

    Add a Pocket or Two to Her Outfits / Via

    What is it with ladies clothes and the serious lack of pocket space? It is so hard to carry my phone in my pocket in 75% of the outfits I own. MyPhonePouch adds a pocket to any outfit for your phone and more. This is a handy product for work. You can add it to the waistband of slacks or skirts and it will securely hold your phone and cash, debit cards and more. This retails for about $35 and can be found online at

    A Lady Has To Eat


    If you are looking for a great gift idea for a busy woman, Instacart is the way to go. Deliveries from her favorite stores in an hour or two will free up time for her to do other things than grocery shop or hit the drug store. Retailing at about $100 a year Instacart makes a gift that will keep on giving all year long, giving more time that is!

    Eco Chic


    Grow Fragrance is a modern way to refresh your life. Use it in the air or on fabrics for guilt free refreshing. Grow is made with non toxic plant based ingredients for some ah-mazing scents. Get it in fragrances like cedar citrus and bamboo for $12 a bottle from Amazon or .

    Sweet Dreams are Made of Kick Ass Pillows


    I have 5 pillows, for my own use. Literally, I have a pillow for the all of my moods. So, you can trust me when I tell you I am an EXPERT on luxury pillows. I am thinking about my Dreampad pillow all the time. This is one of the coolest pillows and most comfy too. It has a bluetooth speaker inside and really helps me to relax after a long day when my brain won't stop. By using the app I can play soothing music that doesn't bother my husband one bit. Retailing for about $150 you can get a Dreampad pillow for a special chick in your life this holiday season. Find it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    Sweets for My Sweets

    Yummy / Via

    Foodie chicks will smile all day long after getting the gift of Yummy Cupcakes. In fact, this chick smiled for 4 days straight, as I used my crazy willpower to savor my assortment of Yummy's over the course of 4 days. With flavors like Lemon Pie Cupcake and Orange Fig, these cute as can be treats are presented in a jar and baked to perfection. Any woman on your list with a fondness for sweets will appreciate a gift of yummy Yummy cupcakes. They have other goodies available too!

    Holiday Helpers

    If you are shopping for a chick with a fondness for real trees, the Evergreen Elf makes for a useful gift for the holidays. This is a great way to keep the tree watered with an audio alert, so you never forget and end up with lots of needles and a dry tree. i love that this cute little tool talks and lights up when water is needed.Find the Evergreen Elf on Amazon or Home Depot.

    Love for Those Lashes


    If your chick loves false lashes then she needs the Kiss My Lash mirror by Good Janes. It can be used on its own or with the magnetic base to get those falsies on right, the first time. Paired with a pair of Good Jane lashes, this is a gift idea that she will bat her lashes for.

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