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Boys Gonna Bounce For These Gift Ideas

I consider myself an expert in toys. I have spent a million hours cleaning them up and organizing them, and I know what kids want to play with. If you need an epic gift for a boy on your holiday shopping list, keep reading, cause I got you covered on the best gifts for boys this year.

sweetsillysara 18 days ago

The Best Ever Play Dough Recipes

I grew up with my hands in a can of play doh. I never outgrew my fondness for the modeling compound of choice either. It took me 40 years to accept I am who I am. My weirdness makes me endearing right? Who I am is a middle aged woman who likes play doh as much as her kids do.

sweetsillysara 2 months ago

Easter Basket Stuffers That Are Sweeter Than Candy

My kids are pretty sweet as is, a ton of candy is not required when Easter rolls around! This year that cute little Easter Bunny, otherwise known as Mama, is stuffing baskets with things that are super sweet, and as a bonus, most of them aren't even edible!

sweetsillysara 8 months ago

Girls Gonna Go Wild For These Gift Ideas

If you ask my 5 year old about me, she will tell you the only person who gives better gifts than me would be Santa, or maybe Grandma (dammit Janet...) Keep on scrolling and you will see why! These are my favorite picks for girl gifts this year!

sweetsillysara One year ago

Gifts Guys Will LOVE

I never know what to get my husband. Or my dad. Or any other member of the male species. For years I have been embarrassed by the gifts I find for them, because lottery tickets and socks are kinda lame options. No guy wants soap on a rope or a nose hair trimmer... trust me on this, because I have TRIED giving nose hair trimmers, lets just say that gift lacked enthusiasm when opened. Soap on a rope? It is like saying hey, you will probably be in prison by spring, so... Instead of searching high and low for great gift ideas, why not check out this list and find some awesome inspiration for every budget. The guys you know will be thanking you this holiday season.

sweetsillysara One year ago

Gifts For Chicks

Let me tell you what she wants, what she really really wants, for Christmas this year. Instead of spending all day at the mall and coming home with a headache, check out what you will find under my tree this year for all the special women in my life. Mom, stop reading this now so you can be surprised!

sweetsillysara One year ago

Gifts Boys Are Gonna LOVE

Hey, don't hate me cause I finished Christmas shopping on Halloween. Why not peek at what is under my tree this year and find some inspiration for awesome gift ideas for boys!

sweetsillysara One year ago

The Best Gifts For Tweens That Are Under $50

Shopping for the tweens on my list was super easy and affordable this year, and no one is getting crap gifts for the win! Check out these ideas for a fun-tastic holiday for all the youngins on your list.

sweetsillysara One year ago