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17 Things Kansas City Has That San Francisco Only Dreams About

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants on winning the 2014 World Series. But, the two cities that battled it out in the Fall Classic cannot be compared. The bay area has the Golden Gate Bridge and Star Trek IV, but these 17 things that Kansas City rocks will keep San Fran longing for that midwest charm!

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3. Can't Stop The Cain Train

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Kansas City Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain was the 2014 ALCS MVP. Ancient folklore claims that 2/3 of the earth is covered by water, the rest is covered by Lorenzo Cain. Enjoy your grizzly bear Hunter Pence San Fran, enjoy him. We'll take our boys Cain, Gordon, Aoki, and Dyson anyday.

4. The KC Royals Have Their Own Dance Craze

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Our fans are truly insane. Those guys that wear the full body spandex cat suits? Yeah....they made a Royals dance video! Is it the next Super Bowl Shuffle? Press play to watch the embedded video.

5. Our Symphony Orchestra Will Blow Your Face Off

Chris Lee / Via Facebook: kcsymphony

Seriously, if you want your face melted with one of the best orchestras in the world, visit the Kauffman Center for the Performing located in the burgeoning Crossroads Arts District in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Michael Stern and the Kansas City Symphony will blow your mind.

6. True Baseball History Lives in KC

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Before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, some of the best baseball players played in the Negro Leagues. Kansas City is home to the official Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

7. Our Fans 'Dress To the Nines'

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Did I mention baseball history LIVES in Kansas City? Once a year (at least), the Kansas City Royals have a 'Dressed to the Nines' day where fans put on their best suit and tie and strut their swag all up and down Kauffman Stadium. What do the Giants have? Barry Bonds Commemorative Steroids day?

8. Actor Paul Rudd invited all of his best KC friends over to his mom's house for a party!

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You know him from films like Knocked Up and Anchorman, but we in KC know him as the gentleman next door. Has George Lucas ever invited ya'll San Fran folks over to his house?

9. GPS technology? Yep, KC invented it.

Garmin / Via Facebook: Garmin

San Fran is known for its tech companies, but where would any of us be without our GPS? Garmin was one of the first companies to pioneer that technology. And its based in good ole Olathe, KS (suburb of Kansas City).

10. KC has the fastest internet in the universe!

Google Fiber / Via Twitter: @googlefiber

What's that San Fran? KC can't hear you above that blazing fast Google Fiber internet that we've already had for two years. Kansas City is quickly becoming known as the 'Silicon Prairie' for its rapidly expanding tech scene. The bay area is totes jealous.

11. KC during the holidays is BEAUTIFUL

John Roever / Via Flickr: rock_chalk_jhawk_ku

There's no better city to celebrate the holidays than truly awe inspiring Kansas City. Even the Grinch-iest San Francisco Grinch's heart will melt when seeing the Country Club Plaza lit up at Christmas time.

13. Walt Disney started his career in Kansas City

Thank You Walt Disney, Inc / Via Facebook: ThankYouWaltDisney

Long before Leonard Nimoy was filming Star Trek IV in San Fran, Walt Disney was creating Mickey Mouse in this building that still stands in midtown Kansas City, Missouri. KC people are the most creative!

14. Our suburbs can beat up your suburbs

Mark Schierholz / Via Twitter: @Dadiosradios959

Whether its Overland Park and Olathe on the Kansas side or Lee's Summit and Liberty on the Missouri side, Kansas City's suburbs are constantly rated as the best places IN THE NATION to live, work, and raise a family because of their exceptional schools, parks, neighborhoods, churches, and more. Whathcu got San Fran... Oakland? Yikes!

15. Soccer City USA

N Magazine on Flickr / Via Flickr: enyemagazine

Did I mention Kansas City loves its professional sports teams? We love our Chiefs and Royals. But don't forget our Major League Soccer team Sporting Kansas City, which plays in the finest soccer stadium in the nation (Sporting Park in Kansas City, KS). And we won the MLS Cup in 2013! WELCOME TO THE BLUE HELL.

16. City of Fountains

Gary on Flickr / Via Flickr: glc1163

Kansas City boasts more fountains than any other city in the world, second only to Rome. This one, the JC Nichols Fountain on the Country Club Plaza is one of the most stunning. I see your envious eyes gazing upon us, San Fran folks.


Zach Werner on Flickr / Via Flickr: zachwerner

San Fran has the Golden Gate Bridge and Bob Saget, but you simply cannot beat that gorgeous Kansas City skyline at sunset. Breathe it in America, breathe it in.

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