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    Paper Quilling: The Long Lost Cousin Of Origami

    Paper quilling has been labeled by many as "the best craft no one has ever heard of". Yet in all corners of the globe, and the web of course, you will find some of the most amazingly intricate work being done by a community of "quillers". Here are just 10 incredible paper quilling blogs from women all over the world.

    1. Emperor Penguin Easter Egg by Inna from Inna's Creations

    2. Paper Quilled Jewelry by Marissa from Sweethearts and Crafts

    3. Banyan Tree by Suganthi from DAYDREAMS

    4. 3D Quilled Clown Figurines by Pily from Crea Quilling

    5. Quilling for Kids by Svara from Honey's Quilling

    6. Rapunzel Quilling Adaptation by Pritesh from Quilling Me Softly, Art'zire

    7. Cherry Plum Blossoms by Manu from Quilling by ManuK

    8. Paper Quilled Monogram Letters by Stacy from Mainely Quilling

    9. Retro Circles Candle Holder by Erin from Little Circles

    10. Dream on a Beam by Kristen from Get Your Roll On Quilling