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    18 Mermaid-Themed Products You Need In Your Life Right Now

    We found all the mermaid-themed merch you've been searching for.

    1. A mermaid wish bracelet that will fulfill your undersea dreams:

    2. This "purrmaid" pin for a fishy cat lady.

    3. This pillow that woke mermaids will love to rest on:

    4. A mermaid scale bedspread that will make bedtime magical:

    5. This keychain that shares your disdain for the human world:

    6. This mermaid craft kit for all of the DIY mermaids out there:

    7. These mermaid leggings that will show off your scales even in those pesky legs:

    8. This mermaid anatomy poster for the scientific creatures of the sea:

    9. This mermaid mythology book that even humans will love:

    10. A magical mermaid tail necklace that's almost as pretty as your tail:

    11. Some beautiful mermaid makeup brushes that will inspire the makeup artist in you:

    12. This mermaid tail body pillow that is perfect for snuggling up with:

    13. This hat for a part time mermaid to wear when they're off the clock:

    14. This monofin for graceful mermaid swimming:

    15. This scaly temp tattoo that will make it look like you're sprouting a tail:

    16. Some Little Mermaid themed playing cards that will bring the magic of the ocean to your next card game:

    17. A scale clock that knows even mermaids have to go to work:

    18. This t-shirt that will let the whole world know the ocean is your home:

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