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10 Hilarious Moments From "Harry Potter" That Prove The Series Was Funnier Than We Gave It Credit For

This series will have you busting a wand!

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10. When Harry (disguised as Goyle) said he was wearing glasses because he was reading, and Malfoy said this iconic line:

9. When Harry and Ron were trying to fly the car to Hogwarts in Chamber of Secrets, realized the train was right behind them and Ron made this iconic face:

8. When Lupin was teaching the class to say “Riddikulus” and Draco said “This class is ‘ridiculous.’”

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7. When Ron expressed his disapproval of spiders after almost being killed by Aragog in Chamber of Secrets:

6. When Harry and Ron wouldn't stop talking about the Yule Ball during independent study, so Snape kept smacking them in the head:

5. When Cedric asked how Harry was in Goblet of Fire and Harry couldn't help but be sarcastic:

4. When Ron woke up from a nightmare about spiders blubbering about them wanting him to tap dance, and Harry just went along with it like a good friend:

3. When Hermione got frustrated at Ron's eating during an inappropriate time in Half-Blood Prince:

2. When Myrtle tried to make a move on Harry in the Prefect’s bathroom and he tried to cover up with bubbles in Goblet of Fire:

1. And finally, when Harry smiled at Cho and pumpkin juice came out of his mouth:

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